B.A. Honours Coventry

Top-up programmes allow entry to the final year of a B.A. degree programme for students who have a sound background of study and knowledge. Students undertake in-depth study of particular areas of business interest, to be prepared for a career in international business and management. Top-up programmes also provide the oportunity  to improve communication, English language, interpersonal and lifelong learning skills.

Take a look at the two courses Coventry University offers in Perpignan.


Pictures.The Graduation Award Ceremony is the official celebration of your academic achievement. At this time your award will be presented to you and your family and friends. Graduation is a formal ceremony. Only students who have completed their full programme of studies, passed all their assessments, and discharged all financial responsibilities to Coventry University by the specified dates are eligible to attend Graduation. 

Coventry_1 Graduation Ceremony (19 avril 2017. Promo 2016)

Coventry_2 Coventry_3

Quatre diplômés de la promo 2016 : Romain L., Thibault F., Victoire D. et Jean-Baptiste B., aux côtés de J.C. Pizon, programme leader.